This was a small project but one that was great to be a part of and to work for Squerryes Court.

The game keeper needed a dry and warm shelter for the country sports days they organize and so they contacted us to convert one of the old farm buildings they owned into a lodge for their event days.

The structure needed much work to give new support and make safe due to many of the old timbers being in a bad state of decay and rot.

We had to make the structure safe by adding new vertical timber posts and new roof joists and trusses.

The internals were lined with sterling boards to give a clean warm rustic look due to the pattern of the boards themselves. A false ceiling with timber joists exposed give the room that “Cottage” look.

The externals were ply boarded and feather edge cladding fixed over the top to give it a rustic look and to blend in to the local surroundings.

The new finished went down well with the game keepers to say the least.

It’s an example that any structure can be made to look good and serve a new purpose. We have built large and small garden structures in much the same way to be used either as a garden room, workshop, garage or simple shed.